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Don’t Settle for Any Agent, You Need to Look for the BEST!

Having the wrong real estate agent can become a nightmare; you need an experienced professional with proof of success to help you navigate all the challenges you will face when selling a property here in Baja.

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Ins and Outs Of Living in Mexico – Rosarito Living With Lui And Kanoa

Mexico has many cultures and lifestyles, so it can be challenging for a foreigner to move, buy, sell or rent real estate here in Baja; this video will help you understand Mexico better!

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Don’t Get Trapped With The Wrong Mexico Real Estate Agent!

Mexico and the U.S. are two different cultures, and real estate is no different; that’s why you should be wary of who you choose as your real estate agent or company. We at will help you with this!
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BREAKING NEWS ALERT! US – Mexico Border Report With Kanoa And Lui

Kanoa & Lui share really important news regarding the border crossing between the US and Mexico that affects hundreds of thousands of people every day!

This is a big OMG report for non-essential travelers who have been waiting for this since a very long time.
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Avoid Stress, Pay your Rosarito Bills with this App! Jorge Cuadros

If you are tired of having to go around paying bills in Rosarito Beach, Jorge Cuadros will help you pay your bills quickly and easily and get rid of the stress of dealing with them.

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Betty’s Burgers, Best Burgers In Baja! With Kanoa Biondolillo


Kanoa presents one of his favorite local restaurants, Betty’s Burgers! They got some really incredible burgers on their menu, so if you are a burger enthusiast this is the best place in Baja

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Mexico Vehicle Importation Made Easy! With Kanoa & Enrique Davalos

Mexico Vehicle Importation Made Easy! With Kanoa & Enrique Davalos

Kanoa and Enrique Davalos discuss the process they went through to import a pickup truck from the U.S. to Mexico. This video will help anybody that wants to import his vehicle to Baja easily!

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5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Listing Homes In Baja! – Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Lui Soriano from talks about 5 mistakes sellers make when listing properties in Baja!

Top 5 Mistakes:

Mistake #1. Not Hiring A Professional Real Estate Agent
Mistake #2. Not Understanding Your Capital Gains Consequences
Mistake #3. Not Having A Marketing Plan
Mistake #4. Not Having A Professional Looking Listing Online
Mistake #5. Making Showings Very Difficult

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Baja Border Crossing Update and Tools to Know the Best Times to Cross

Kanoa and Lui provide us with an update regarding the border crossing conditions while the border restrictions are in place as of April 2021. 

They talk about the number of people that visited Rosarito Beach during spring break and how that affected the border traffic over the weekend. 

They also provided tips and tools to help people know when is the best time to cross the border!

Useful links:

• Border crossing locations and wait times at

• Border traffic live cameras:

• US embassy travel restrictions fact sheet:

• Rosarito living FB group:

• CBP border wait times: Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Smart Buyers Only Work With Agents That Present Written Offers

In this video, Kanoa gives us another great tip for buyers and sellers when they are choosing their real estate agent in the Rosarito Beach Area.

Experienced agents know the power of a written offer and will always present their offers and counteroffers in writing.

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Having an offer where it states the terms and the price it’s important to have it in writing. This will help you avoid big problems that can put you in a bad spot during negotiations, such as someone forgetting what was the original deal.

It’s important that you have a safe and secure transaction and part of that it’s picking the right agent.

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