Beachfront Condo Closed In 7 Weeks! Buyers Testimonial, Las Olas Mar Y Sol, Rosarito Beach – Darrell Graham

Happy clients share their experience purchasing their property!

Buying a beachfront condo can be a dream come true for many people. And when the purchase process is completed in just 7 weeks, it’s certainly a reason for celebration. That’s exactly what happened at Las Olas Mar y Sol, Rosarito Beach, where a happy buyer recently shared their testimonial.

If you want to hear more about this successful real estate transaction, be sure to check out the video featuring Darrell and the happy buyers at Las Olas Mar y Sol, Rosarito Beach. Watch now to learn more about the efficient process and the luxurious beachfront condo that made it all possible.

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Darrell Graham - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

Darrell and Gordon’s Testimonial – Castillos del Mar, Rosarito Beach

A Great Buying Experience at Castillos del Mar
with Darrell And Gordon

New Castillos del Mar resident Henry Olmos describes his purchase experience with Darrell and Gordon. After looking around the Rosarito Beach area for over a year and speaking with many different real estate agents, he chose to work with Darrell and Gordon at

He shares how happy he is that he chose the development and believes that you will not find anywhere else less expensive or more beautiful than Castillos del Mar for the price. He says his buying experience was great!

Darrell Graham and Gordon Brown - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents

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