Expert Guidance for Seamless Selling: Claudia, Your Rosarito Real Estate Agent – Seller Testimonial

Congratulations, Claudia! Your exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication as a Rosarito real estate agent continue to make a significant impact. The satisfaction of another happy seller in Las Olas Grand, Rosarito Beach, is a testament to your outstanding service.

“When I decided to sell my property, I was referred to Claudia because of her outstanding reputation and her profound understanding of the real estate market in Rosarito. She knows every trend and nuance, and her expertise is simply unmatched.

What truly sets Claudia apart though, is her responsiveness. Whether it was early morning or late at night, she was always available to answer my questions and ease my concerns. Claudia simplified the entire process, explaining each step and making sure I was comfortable and informed.
When showing the property, she also made sure I received feedback and thanks to that we were able to solve the objections and get a buyer.
Crucially, Claudia worked tirelessly to ensure all my documents were in order to apply for a capital gains exemption, at the end of the transaction I paid practically zero. This diligence and expertise not only saved me a substantial amount in taxes but also gave me a sense of security throughout the sale.
In short, Claudia is an outstanding real estate agent. If you need someone knowledgeable, responsive, and committed to simplifying the process and ensuring you feel secure, Claudia is the one you’re looking for.”

– Rammy  


Claudia Pierce - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

Beachfront Condo Closed In 7 Weeks! Buyers Testimonial, Las Olas Mar Y Sol, Rosarito Beach – Darrell Graham

Happy clients share their experience purchasing their property!

Buying a beachfront condo can be a dream come true for many people. And when the purchase process is completed in just 7 weeks, it’s certainly a reason for celebration. That’s exactly what happened at Las Olas Mar y Sol, Rosarito Beach, where a happy buyer recently shared their testimonial.

If you want to hear more about this successful real estate transaction, be sure to check out the video featuring Darrell and the happy buyers at Las Olas Mar y Sol, Rosarito Beach. Watch now to learn more about the efficient process and the luxurious beachfront condo that made it all possible.

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From Hopeless to Sold: How Oscar and Gerardo Turned Our Luck Around – Rosarito Beach, Sellers Testimonial

Happy clients share their experience selling their property!

“My husband and I owned a home in San Antonio Del Mar, Baja California. After 15 years of ownership, we were ready to sell our home. After working with three different realtors, we decided to try Baja123. Our home had been on the market for several years without any hope of a sale.

The decision to work with Oscar Mendez and Gerardo Oceguera, recommended by a property manager, was the best decision we made. Within a few weeks, we had several offers on our home. This company and their team are very professional and knowledgeable about selling homes. They were diligent about following the necessary steps during the process of the sale.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone selling a home in the Baja area.”

– Nancy & Johnnie


Oscar Mendez - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

Hear From Happy Clients: Faby’s Expertise Shines In Every Transaction – Rosarito Beach, Sellers Testimonial

Happy clients share their experience selling their property!

“My name is Helen. My husband is Peter Gonzalez. Today I write this letter because Peter and I wish to sincere thank our real estate agent Faby (Ms. Fabiola Delgado), the most amazing and professional agent we have had in many months.

Faby is a very beautiful and lovely lady, very smart. We trust her very much. Since our three children are already in school in the US, we need to sell our Real Del Mar house. In fact, we really love this house and plan to live after retirement, plus my husband didn’t understand some of the processes, and so did I. Therefore, my husband was always hesitant during the transaction. It was Ms. Faby and her partner Gerardo’s professionalism and great patience resolved my husband’s doubts. We were so touched by their dedication to every detail. My husband is very glad and very satisfied with the final close.

We are so lucky to meet Faby. We do appreciate her and Gerardo’s great help. We want to say Baja123 is really a great and highly reliable agent company in Tijuana. We will recommend it to our friends. We hope when we come back to Tijuana to buy a house in the future, Faby will be our agent again.”

Helen & Peter 


Faby Delgado - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

From Listing To Sold! A Happy Seller’s Journey in Rosarito Beach – VIP Team Seller Testimonial

 Happy clients share their experience selling their property!

We are appreciative of the thank you note, and bottle of wine given us! Our entire sale process was seamless, and the thoroughness of handling transactions by you and the VIP staff made or sale effortless. There were other offers and we declined those as they did not appear to be so serious. Showcasing through your marketing team made the house very visible to many, and in good fashion. The photos taken and staging made the place look ostensibly beautiful to onlookers. We believe that persona allowed the right buyer to make a good selection. This current buyer had the “right” attitude about our home, and it was a pleasure having someone enjoy the wholesomeness it provides. 
Thanks for your personal hard work, your explaining much to us during the transitions, and the volumes of paperwork you and the team made relatively easy. The buyer will enjoy many years of joy in the house, and the surrounding Baja area.

Thanks again for your kindness. Best wishes for the balance of the year.

Henry & Susan 

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Overjoyed Client About to Start Her New Life at Las Olas Mar y Sol

Congratulations, Claudia, for this Amazing testimonial; now a happy client can enjoy living in their dream Home at Las Olas Mar Y Sol, Rosarito Beach Area.

“In looking for a possible vacation home in Mexico, I happened upon Claudia Pierce, and hit the jackpot! I was so lucky to stumble upon this wonderful lady. She is very professional, ethical, and knowledgeable, and she was able to guide me step-by-step through the process of purchasing my dream home. Claudia’s expertise and guidance throughout made this complex transaction easy on a step by step basis. She answered every question, and I was so appreciative of her helpfulness about every aspect of this journey to purchase my new beach property. I highly recommend Claudia to anyone interested in buying a home in Mexico!

Abrazos, Janice


Claudia Pierce - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

Using Real Estate Experience To Help Others! – Kanoa, Rosarito Beach Testimonial

Congratulations Kanoa for this incredible testimonial! He never hesitates to help others in need using his knowledge.

This is what they had to say:
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