Celebrating Eddie Huerta! VIP Team Super Star – Rosarito Beach Real Estate

This time we want to celebrate Eddie Huerta, one of our key players here in Baja123.com! He started almost 7 years ago with no real estate experience and today he is one of the many success stories we have here.

Eddie and Lui go back way more than just Baja123, they went to college in Mexico City where he graduated top of his class, they later reconnected and Lui invited him to work with us so he moved to Rosarito and started working on investigating developments to write descriptions for them and other basic stuff.

Today he is the transaction manager and part of the VIP team, where he puts all of his experience to work in order to help customers to sell or buy luxury real estate.

We are fortunate to have you on our team. THANK YOU EDDIE!

Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate

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