Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Rosarito Beach

Why you would contact a Real Estate Agent, when you’re purchasing something here in Rosarito, Mexico?

Basically broke it down into three things, that Kenneth Huseman does for people to help them look home in Rosarito Beach.

Negotiate and facilitate, so someone coming down here to Rosarito from California which is the majority of Kenneth’s clients, now they don’t really know what it’s like to go through the process of purchasing Real Estate in a foreign country, specifically here in Rosarito, most of the time, the right agent will help you from the very beginning, if you have any question about a property, a Professional Real Estate Agent will be able to answer as clear as possible to you.

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Rosarito Beach and Baja Real Estate Pocket Listings

Did you know that some of the best real estate deals don’t even make it online?

There’s no formal MLS System here in Baja. Agents are not required to publish their listings like they are in the United States. Because of this, some of the hottest deals never make it online in order for you to get access to these hot deals you’ll need to have one of experienced local real estate experts assistance.

In, these deals are emailed to you in our Hot Property alerts as fast as we hear about them. The fact is some of them can only be accessed by speaking to one of our Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents.

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Choosing the Right Area to Live in Mexico – Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Today we want to talk to you about choosing the right area when moving to Mexico. We have six points that we want to go over with you on why we think Rosario Beach is one of the best choices.

1. Distance to the nearest U.S. Border
It’s important that we take into consideration especially if it’s the first time moving out of the country, the distance to the U.S. Border for those of us that live in Rosario Beach. It’s so nice being able to cross back over to San Diego whenever we need to, if you’re gonna move to places like Cabo, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta, that means you have to catch a plane to get back to the U.S. We get the best of both worlds by living so close to the border, we’re a short half hour drive away and we can access anything that we need in the U.S.

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Kanoa’s Radio Interview on Rosarito Beach Safety

Karen Kennedy at Ventura County Progressive United Blog Talk Radio Network speaks to Kanoa Biondolillo owner/broker of about Rosarito Beach safety, as well as, moving and living in the Rosarito Beach area.

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