HGTV Episode Featuring Rosarito Beach with Darrell Graham

We are so excited to announce that one of our top agents at is going to be featured in House Hunters International this 4th of July.

Darrell Graham is one of the Rosarito Beach Real Estate Top Agents and we are very happy that the HGTV television show chose him to show to the world one of the wonderful neighborhoods in our city Castillos del Mar.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this July 4th episode in the HGTV Channel, it’s gonna be awesome to see Darrell’s on TV!

Baja Five-0 Talking About Rosarito Real Estate

Baja Five-0 from Talked About Rosarito Real Estate and the Rosarito Beach Lifestyle

Darrell Graham and Gordon Brown are lifelong friends and this time, they shared to their experiences living and working in Rosarito Beach.

Both have similar ideas and their backgrounds as police officers make their clients feel secure and trust real estate agents with integrity and pride to do confident transactions.

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Choosing a Real Estate Agent with Darrell Graham

Darrell Graham its a certified Real Estate agent who has been working with for 4 years now, and has been coming to Baja since 15 years ago, he is an expert on the Rosarito Beach Area.
Rosarito Beach has a very big Real Estate community, and you may think that all the listing agents here are created equal but they don’t, there are different agents with different levels of experience and expertise.

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Invest in Mexico with your IRA, ASK ME HOW!

Invest in Mexico with your IRAInvest in Mexico. Use your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) retirement savings to purchase an investment property without creating a taxable event! Put your IRA money to work now. This money can be used to purchase investment properties. Any investment property that actually earns income qualifies. Owner-occupied properties will not work.

American banks will not finance on properties in Mexico. Financing options in Mexico have very high-interest rates with short terms of only 5-10 years result in high mortgages payments. This is a perfect solution to purchase properties in Mexico.

  • Setup the U.S. government/IRS approved “custodian” account and roll over the funds into this account. Then, the “custodian” provides a check to this bank account for the LLC which is used to buy the property.
  • As rental income is paid, it will be deposited into this bank account. The account owner can then, write checks to the “custodian” account. This cash can roll over into any approved IRA brokerage accounts such as Schwab, Merrill Lynch, etc. Then, these funds can be invested in securities.
  • Most investors are not aware of the fact that they may use an eligible retirement plan to invest in real estate of any kind.
  • Eligible retirement plans for this purpose are any type of IRA (Traditional, Rollover, SEP, ROTH, etc.) and 401k or 403b plans (or any other defined contribution plan) held with a former employer.