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First Time Home Buyers in Mexico

“We would like to thank Faby and Gerardo for helping us find this beautiful property at La Jolla Del Mar.

Faby kept us informed about new listings and would promptly set up appointments. They were very flexible in working with us and diligent about follow-ups. Being first time home buyers in Mexico, we had our inhibitions but Gerardo and Faby simplified the process. Gerardo is very knowledgeable and helpful. They both addressed our concerns effectively throughout this long home buying process. They are both professionals and make a great team.

We are happy with our experience and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for real estate in Rosarito.”

– Preeti & Sachin

Gerardo and Faby - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents

Capital Gains and Tax Exemptions – Baja Legal Advice

A common problem surfaces when a seller requests or demands that the buyer declares to the notario that the price paid for the property is lesser than that which was agreed.

How does this work?

The seller tells the buyer that if the actual sales price is declared to the notario this will result in excessive annual property tax, FALSE!

Some Sellers that are unaware or do not qualify for tax exemptions (such as that provided by article 93 of the Federal Income Tax Law) go to extents to avoid paying capital gains and when they persuade the buyer to consent in declaring a lower the price to save capital gains, they will then ask for 2 checks to be handed out.

One check is to be declared to the notary as the sale price for tax purposes and the second check (given under the table) covers the difference that would make the gain taxable, the problem is that if the buyer is unaware of this it will then become an issue if and when the buyer decides to sell the property because he actually consented to inherit the seller’s tax liabilities.

Rafael Solorzano - Baja Legal Advice

Rafael Solorzano
Attorney at Law / Licensed Exclusively in Mexico

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Border Crossing Update and Limited Access To Rosarito this Weekend!

Today Kanoa and Luis provide us with an update on the border crossing wait times, specifically for the ports of entry in San Ysidro and Otay.

They also gave us an update on the border crossing restrictions for essential and non-essential travelers going to the U.S. and coming back into Mexico, according to an official statement made on the U.S. embassy page.

Click here to read the travel restrictions across the U.S. Borders with Mexico

CPB posted on Twitter a travel alert with the temporary restrictions “TRAVEL ALERT: The temporary restriction on non-essential travel at US land border ports of entry remains in effect. Essential travel and trade continue unimpeded.”

Click here to check what essential travel includes  

Diego Knight from Baja Talk Time shared via Facebook live, an update about the scenic road entrances that are currently closed in Rosarito during the Memorial day weekend.

Click here to watch Baja Talk Time Facebook live

Remember that you can find the near real-time camera of the border crossing wait times for San Ysidro, Otay, and Tecate available at Baja123.com and RosaritoLiving.com.

Click Here to Watch Near Real-Time San Diego/Tijuana Border Crossing Cameras

We wish for you to continue to stay positive, stay healthy, and more importantly, stay home.

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More People Want To Move Now More Than Ever!!! May 2020

Rosarito Real Estate Market Update for May, 2020

Kanoa and Lui are going to talk about an update on the real estate market in the U.S. and what is happening in our area. 

They discuss one article shared by one of the top’s Real Estate Coaches in the U.S., Tom Ferry, that talks about Real Estate supply and demand according to the National Association of Realtors and other expert opinions regarding the market condition.

Click here to read the article

Another interesting topic is the amount of search traffic for people looking for Real Estate in the Rosarito Beach Area, as well as some impressive numbers in the number of buyers leads we received this year in just one of our websites!

Here is the list of topics they discuss: 

02:29 – This is not like 2008 – We’re in a health crisis, not in a housing crisis
03:15 – Will Home Values Appreciate or Depreciate in 2020?
08:29 – Are people still looking for Real Estate in Rosarito?
9:52 – Search results for Rosarito Real Estate keywords
16:28 – Buyer leads vs. Seller and Renter leads
18:02 – Final thoughts

If you are planning on buying or selling property in the Rosarito Beach Area, you must watch this video.

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Plaza del Mar Buyers and Sellers with Faby and Gerardo – Rosarito Beach Real Estate

To whom it may concern:

“This serves as a compliment to Faby and Gerardo for their professionalism, knowledge, and services rendered during our house hunting. This was a process from cradle to grave. They’re outstanding and want to give kudos to both. We are now new homeowners and residents of Rosarito thanks to these professionals.”


Eduardo and María Apodaca

Faby Delgado and Gerardo Oceguera - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents

Faby Delgado and Gerardo Oceguera Testimonial – Las Olas Mar y Sol, Rosarito Beach


“I would like to comment on my family’s experience purchasing a condo @ Las Olas Mar y Sol. Faby and Gerardo were involved in the whole process and let me say they were exceptional.

They took charge and made a process that I thought would be very complex and scary flow easily and comfortingly. They’re very capable, personable, and savvy in their position.”

Thank you very much.
– Gerardo Lozano

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