Testimonial for James Langley from SeaHouz Buyers in Rosarito Beach

Bill & Jaque, a lovely couple, shared with us their experience in choosing SeaHouz as their new place to live in Rosarito Beach! 

They moved from Mazatlan and found in Rosarito Beach the perfect place to live. They fell in love with the food, the weather, and the places they can visit. Rosarito is much more accessible, with a great location near the U.S. border.

Bill and Jaque researched for a while, on the internet, until they found Baja123.com where they learned about Rosarito Beach and they found James Langley, a Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent who helped them professionally throughout the buying process, and also gave them valuable information regarding living in Rosarito.

About SeaHouz Rosarito Beach
Oceanfront Development

Testimonial for James Langley from SeaHouz

At the forefront of a new era in luxury oceanfront properties, SeaHouz is an evolution from the traditional home; it brings a new way of living was wellness is infused with luxury. SeaHouz is a boutique high rise designed to provide a better quality of life.

Every residence features contemporary elements with breathtaking ocean views. SeaHouz brings an excellent investment opportunity never before seen in the real estate market for Baja California. The adaptable and intelligent amenities will change what it means to live in Rosarito Beach. It’s more than your home. It’s your legacy.

James Langley - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

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