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First Time Home Buyers in Mexico

“We would like to thank Faby and Gerardo for helping us find this beautiful property at La Jolla Del Mar.

Faby kept us informed about new listings and would promptly set up appointments. They were very flexible in working with us and diligent about follow-ups. Being first time home buyers in Mexico, we had our inhibitions but Gerardo and Faby simplified the process. Gerardo is very knowledgeable and helpful. They both addressed our concerns effectively throughout this long home buying process. They are both professionals and make a great team.

We are happy with our experience and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for real estate in Rosarito.”

– Preeti & Sachin

Gerardo and Faby - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents

More People Want To Move Now More Than Ever!!! May 2020

Rosarito Real Estate Market Update for May, 2020

Kanoa and Lui are going to talk about an update on the real estate market in the U.S. and what is happening in our area. 

They discuss one article shared by one of the top’s Real Estate Coaches in the U.S., Tom Ferry, that talks about Real Estate supply and demand according to the National Association of Realtors and other expert opinions regarding the market condition.

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Another interesting topic is the amount of search traffic for people looking for Real Estate in the Rosarito Beach Area, as well as some impressive numbers in the number of buyers leads we received this year in just one of our websites!

Here is the list of topics they discuss: 

02:29 – This is not like 2008 – We’re in a health crisis, not in a housing crisis
03:15 – Will Home Values Appreciate or Depreciate in 2020?
08:29 – Are people still looking for Real Estate in Rosarito?
9:52 – Search results for Rosarito Real Estate keywords
16:28 – Buyer leads vs. Seller and Renter leads
18:02 – Final thoughts

If you are planning on buying or selling property in the Rosarito Beach Area, you must watch this video.

Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Faby Delgado and Gerardo Oceguera Testimonial – Las Olas Mar y Sol, Rosarito Beach

Hello, I would like to comment on my family’s experience purchasing a condo @ Las Olas Mar y Sol. Faby and Gerardo were involved in the whole process and let me say they were exceptional.

They took charge and made a process that I thought would be very complex and scary flow easily and comfortingly.

They’re very capable, personable, and savvy in their position.
Thank you very much.
– Gerardo Lozano

Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate

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La Jolla Excellence Oceanfront Community in Rosarito – April 2020 Update

Kanoa and Luis talk to Ron and Aury regarding the latest update for La Jolla Excellence, one of our top oceanfront developments in Rosarito Beach.

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Professional Real Estate Advice with Kanoa and Rafael for Rosarito Beach

Kanoa interviews Rafael Solorzano, a Baja Real Estate Attorney, regarding the importance of having a professional handle the closing process in a Real Estate purchase transaction.

Rafael among other topics also stresses the importance of doing due diligence and how he’s able to complement the work of a real estate professional.

Here’s a list of questions Kanoa asked Rafael:

1:18 – Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do
6:57 – Tell us about your Facebook group Baja Living Advice
9:53 – How can people avoid problems with their transactions?
15:03 – How can you complement a real estate agent?
18:32 – What is the importance of disclosures, and due-diligence?
23:46 – What would be your advice to buyers today?
31:59 – Who would be your ideal client?
34:15 – What is the expectation of clients regarding discounts in Mexico?
39:40– Can people enjoy their experience buying a property in Mexico?
41:42 – How can you contact Rafael Solorzano?

Rafael Solorzano - Baja Legal Advice

Rafael Solorzano
+52 (664) 188-7001

Baja Legal Advice Facebook Group

Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Rosarito Real Estate Advice from Ron and Aury

Kanoa and Luis interview Ron and Aury about how real estate professionals are handling the real estate market and their current clients in the Rosarito Beach Area despite the current situation with COVID-19.

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Rosarito Beach’s New Real Estate Market with Darrell Graham

Kanoa and Luis interview Darrell Graham regarding the Rosarito Real Estate market conditions and how the business is moving forward despite the current situation with COVID-19.

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Faby Delgado Testimonial – Las Olas Grand, Rosarito Beach

A very satisfied client shared her experience with our Licensed Real Estate Agent Faby Delgado

“I appreciate that you want to know about my experience in working with Faby. As we both know, the purchase of our home is probably one of the largest expenses we make in our life span.  Because I am in the Sevice industry I am probably more critical about good service, my standards are high.

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Faby Delgado Happy Client – Las Olas Grand, Rosarito Beach

A Happy Faby’s Client in Las Olas Grand Restaurant

“I have been looking for 3 years and was just not working with the right agents. They wouldn’t follow up, they didn’t show me what I was interested in or simply didn’t want to work with me. I found Baja123 and met Faby. She became my agent. She asked me questions no other agent asked me. She made me feel like  I was in the right hands and with the best company.

I let her know I wanted to invest, what I wanted to spend, and that I wanted to Airbnb my condo. She brought me to the perfect location. This place is paradise, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. What other agents made me feel so hesitant about, Faby made me feel at ease.

Buying in Mexico is a safe transaction, especially when you are being taken care of by Faby and the company Baja123.” Thank you!

– Ever Reyes

Faby Delgado - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

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Oscar Mendez Client Experience – Rosarito Beach

A client shout out for Oscar Mendez

“In May of 2018, I met Oscar while searching for an apartment in Rosarito. At that time I had been working with another agent but was not satisfied with the listings that were being presented to me. I explained to Oscar what I was looking for and I must admit that he went out of his way to meet my needs and never wasted my time.

I actually found the perfect place on day one with Oscar and the whole process couldn’t have been smoother or more professional in regards to Oscar and Baja123. Over the last 7 months, he has consistently reached out to me with brief text messages reminding me that he was there for me. He even found me a housekeeper and personally brought her to my home and introduced her. Above and Beyond!”

– Keith Godfrey

Oscar Mendez - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent

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