Smart Real Estate Buyers Use Escrow in Rosarito Beach

In this video, Kanoa talks about choosing the right agent and the importance of using escrow and a closing company to protect yourself and ensure a safe and secure transaction. 

It is important to choose the right agent to work with to help you make better decisions when buying a property. 

If you are looking to purchase a luxury property in the Rosarito Beach Area, make sure to give us a call. Rosarito Beach Real Estate

Mexican Real Estate Closing Services – Baja Legal Advice

Closing Services

I have been providing closing services since the mid-nineties thus have put together dozens of purchases, legally and seamlessly, thus identify and minimize delays. I provide the utmost degree of professionalism.

Real estate agents are trained to sell properties, and normally do not perform due diligence, they simply deliver all paperwork to a notary public who in turn recruits a surveyor to process no lien certificates, appraisals, layouts, etc. nothing else.

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