Rosarito Real Estate Advice from Ron and Aury

Kanoa and Luis interview Ron and Aury about how real estate professionals are handling the real estate market and their current clients in the Rosarito Beach Area despite the current situation with COVID-19.

Ron and Aury have been very active with the Rosarito Beach community and we feel very proud of their accomplishments not only career-wise but in their daily lives. They consistently show how they continue to stay in touch with their clients and share with us some advice for the new way of doing real estate in our area.

Here’s a list of questions we asked Ron and Aury:

0:56 How are you handling the COVID-2019 situation?
5:50 What do you tell your clients that are currently in transactions?
9:48 Can you explain to us a little more about Virtual Closings?
11:47 What do you think it’s going to be in the future with virtual closings?
13:57  Choosing the right real estate agent to work with
16:14 Why it’s important to interview your agent
19:03 Is Mexico the right choice? 

Ron and Aury - Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents

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