How can Foreigners own property in Rosarito?

Kanoa, Ron & Aury talked about foreigners owning property in Rosarito

Foreigners can own property anywhere in Mexico. Recent changes to Mexican laws now allow foreign ownership of Mexican Real Estate. The way the title of the property will be held will depend on its location.

There are important things that you have to understand as a foreigner if you are considering owning a Rosarito Beach property.

Restricted Zone.
Consists of lands about 100 km (64 miles) from an international border and 50 km (32 miles) from the coastline.

It is like a bank trust, it offers added securities from the bank to the transaction. It is Established for 50 years and can be renewed for an additional 50 year period indefinitely.

Buying an oceanfront home or condo in Rosarito Beach can be stress-free as only you’re working with knowledgeable people and professionals that guide you to take the right steps to get your property in Mexico. Rosarito Beach Real Estate

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